American Impressionist Society 2012 Show

I was fortunate to attend the 2012 American Impressionist Show and Symposium in Indianapolis, IN this year in November. I traveled there with my good friends and fellow artists, Tiffany Foss and Dot Courson. We had such a fabulous time looking at the wonderful entries that were accepted into the show and meeting many artists there. It is an amazing art community “out there” and as I always say when I return from an event like this, meeting other artists, no matter if they are “famous” or not, is always one of the highlights of my trips.

Artists Zhiwei Tu (second from left), Kevin Macpherson (third from left) and Calvin Liang (right)

Artist Howard Friedland with his award winning painting, one of my favorites in the show

Artist Jim Richards with his award winning painting

The show was judged by the one an only, Kevin Macpherson. He is not only a great and inspiring artist, but a FUNNY guy! I loved meeting him and watching him paint and listening to him banter with CW Mundy during the symposium. It really makes these guys seem so “normal” – well, as normal as we artists are anyway! They symposium was a 3 day mix of lectures, demos, and discussions about the things we impressionist artists love most. As you can see from the photos I included here, I was sitting so close to these things I could reach out and touch the artists (I refrained, however)! It was a well designed and perfectly planned event by show chair, Dawn Whitelaw and symposium chair, Paula Fritzbe. Both Dawn and Paula had help from lots of artists and it was truly a memorable event for me.

Master artist Quang Ho doing one of his three demo paintings at the Symposium

Artists CW Mundy, Carolyn Anderson, Clayton Beck, Kevin Macpherson, and Kenn Backhaus and the panel discussion, which was not only informative but entertaining as well!

Some of my favorite parts of the week were hanging with other artist friends and getting to know some better (Anne and Jim); Watching demos on stage of some of my favorite artists (Quang Ho, Kevin Macpherson, and Calvin Liang); Meeting some of the award winning artists and talking art with them at the show; and just being there among all the talent. It was great to attend such an inspiring show, but to have the symposium to participate in made it even more special. If you ever have a chance to participate in something like this, do your best to get there! You won’t be sorry!

Master artist Calvin Liang and his demo of a sailboat, which was fabulous!

A special moment of the symposium – Duo demo by CW Mundy and Kevin Macpherson along with an impromptu reading of some inspiring art quotes by artist Carolyn Anderson

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