Ken DeWaard workshop – Days 3 and 4

Ken Day 3 A

The last two days of Ken’s workshop were as fabulous as the first two, despite the fact that the weather did not cooperate with us! Day three began with rain and so we did a short talk/demo with Ken in my studio before heading out when the skies cleared some to the Collierville, Tennessee town square for a day of painting. This is a favorite place to paint in the area because of the various subjects one can choose from right in the immediate area. Again, Ken went out of his way to make sure that every artist received individual attention during the day of painting.

The skies opened up again the last day so we moved the workshop inside and everyone worked from photos. When you paint outside, you have to be flexible when the weather changes! Despite the changes, the workshop ended on a great note and everyone wants Ken to come back for a future workshop! I personally enjoyed having Ken and his infectious passion about art and painting and of course, would love to host another workshop with him in the future! Below is a group photo of the workshop participants!

Ken Day 3 B

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