Being an artist makes me look at the world in terms of shape, value, and color. I am inspired by so many things in our world and appreciate the structures of our buildings as much as the trees and flowers in nature. When I paint, I try to not be influenced by the details or the name of objects, but the colors, values, shapes, and temperature of the surrounding light.

I have found that painting for me is as much about what I leave out in terms of detail as what I put in a painting. In this vein, I tend to choose subjects for my paintings that evoke memories and create visual interest, hopefully making a positive connection with the viewer. I strive to paint my interpretation of the scene rather than an exact replication of it. By limiting detail and using loose and impressionistic painting techniques, I encourage viewer participation to supply those details. Capturing the essence of a place or thing is what is of utmost importance to me as an artist.

Denise Rose was born in Columbia, Tennessee, and has lived in the South her entire life. Living in the “country” for the first part of her life gave her an appreciation for the outdoors and rural areas that is evident in her choice of subject matter even today. The beauty of the landscape, whether in the South or elsewhere, is a major influence on her art. Always playing around with sketching and drawing, it was evident to those around her from an early age that art would be an important part of her life.

Denise studied art in high school and went on to earn a degree in Elementary Education at Memphis State University. Through teaching children, she was able to spread her love for the arts and always provided the students with art related activities in her classroom on a daily basis. After raising her own children, she returned to her original love of art and painting and has since focused on learning as much as she can about how to express herself through her art. She has been influenced by and has studied with professional painters across the country who have taught her about impressionist painting techniques and also about the importance of painting from life. These teachers include: Scott Christensen, Quang Ho, Lori Putnam, Dawn Whitelaw, Camille Przewodek, Anne Blair Brown, Dee Beard Dean, Tim Horn and Jennifer McChristian.

Whether in the studio or painting plein air, Denise represents her subjects using a style of painting that is impressionistic but with modern techniques and form. Subtle shifts in value and color are intriguing to her and she captures these aspects of a scene using loose and painterly brushstrokes and paint applications. Capturing the essence of a place or object without painting in too many details lets the viewer experience the painting in their own way and is a primary goal of this artist.

Denise lives in the Memphis, TN area with her family and travels extensively painting and exploring new places.

  • St. George’s Art Show and Sale – Juried 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Higbee Gallery National Show – Juried into Spring 2011 Show
  • The Artist Group WKNO Show – Spring 2011
  • The Artist Group Show at Trezevant Manor – Spring 2011
  • Duo Show with Fellow Artist, Judy Nocifora at Memphis Botanic Garden – September, 2011
  • Unveil Downtown – Memphis, TN – Juried Show, 20 artists – June, 2012
  • “Southern Women Artists”-Greg Thompson Fine Art Gallery-N. Little Rock, Arkansas July-Sept.2012
  • The Artist Group Show – Memphis Botanic Garden – August 2012
  • Chestnut Hall Interiors – beginning July 2012
  • Big Cedar Lodge Paint Out, Fall 2012 – Juried as one of the Guest Artists for the event
  • Plein Air Memphis “Collierville Traditions Exhibit” Morton Museum of Collierville History, 2013
  • College Park Paint Out Invitational 2012, 2013
  • Illinois River Salon 2013 – Juried show
  • Plein Air Memphis Art Show at Epiphany Salon and Gallery, Memphis, June 2013
  • Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall 2013 Paint Out
  • Caron Gallery, Artist Spotlight, November 2013
  • Chestnut Hall, Group show, October 2013