Live Event Paintings

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What is Live Event Painting?
I am happy to be able to paint at events such as wedding receptions, fundraisers, galas, birthday celebrations, corporate events, etc. I love the excitement of being able to capture the spirit and mood of the event in a full sized painting while the event is unfolding! By painting from life, which is what I enjoy most, I am able to paint the guests and the energy in motion of the event. It is a unique and special keepsake for a special couple or a business or individual. Also, the guests of these events love to interact with me and it provides another aspect to the evening that is both entertaining and intriguing for you and your guests.

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How does it work?
I arrive at the event several hours beforehand and get set up. I decide on the composition of the painting and begin painting in the surroundings so that when the guests arrive, I can paint them into the painting. I work in oils and because of this, the painting takes several weeks to dry completely. I will finish most of the painting on site, but also take it back with me to the studio at the end of the evening to add whatever I feel is necessary to bring it to completion. I paint what I am actually observing at the event, so if there is someone or something specific that you want included in the painting, I need to know that information before the event begins. I often will take a few photos of those people or things so that I can ensure they are included, either there or back in the studio later. I then add a protective archival varnish that will protect the heirloom painting for years to come.

How do you book me for an event?
Just email me or give me a call at 901-489-9412. You can give me your date and if I am available, we can talk about the venue and other things I need to know. Once you decide to book me for the event, I require a deposit to secure that date for you. I often have people wanting the same date so this is important! We can discuss other details after the event is scheduled and booked with me.

How much does it cost?
As I have heard another live event painter say, your painting is priceless! It will be a memorable keepsake and will be a recording of a very special time in your family history and be enjoyed for many generations. Because I use only the finest linen and art materials, the details and colors of this painting will also last and provide many hours of enjoyment hanging in your home or other space. Currently I am offering a 20″x24″ original painting for $1200. I will paint larger and possibly smaller paintings although this size works well in most spaces and is neither too big or too small to capture the event satisfactorily. This does not include framing because I have found that clients have a wide variety of frame preferences and prefer to frame their own paintings after they are delivered. It also does not include any travel expenses I may incur if the event is outside of my home area, Memphis. These details can be discussed when you contact me about your event and I can provide more information about that at that time.

Prints and Notecards
I have a page with Fine Art America, a company that prints on canvas, paper, and other things for you to purchase. I upload a professional image of your completed painting and you can order prints on paper, canvas, and even notecards of the painting to use as thank you notes or just informal cards. The link to my page there is Denise Rose – Fine Art America page.

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